Redevelopment Areas

Southwest RDA

Council adopted the Southwest Redevelopment Plan last fall.  Staff is working on drafting an implementation plan for further review to determine which projects/programs the City will study further. Ideally, there will be projects/programs that span all three RDAs and the City would look at it as a list of “RDA incentives”.

West RDA & East RDA

Council formally established the West RDA and the East RDA last fall. Staff is writing the plans concurrently, they are two separate and distinct redevelopment areas with two different redevelopment plans. The Steering Committee has met to discuss problem areas, vision, goals, priorities, etc.  Stakeholder interviews were held between the consultant and major businesses in each area – we had about 20 businesses/organizations participate. We’ve also spoken with key departments such as planning & zoning, code compliance, police, community services, and transit.  Next week, we will hold a public workshop for each area (two separate nights).  This is an opportunity for all residents to attend and provide their feedback in an interactive, engaging environment.  We will compile all of the information received through these meetings/interviews/workshops into a first draft and bring that draft back to the steering committee for review.  We are on track to have the redevelopment plans completed in April-May, and then we would start the process of formal approval. The plans will need to be presented and approved by the Planning and Zoning Board prior to being presented to City Council.